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February 2018

We are hosting an Emergency First Aid at Work course here at the Equine clinic on Tuesday 13th March 9am-430pm, refreshments kindly sponsored by Norbrook. The cost is £60 for the day, please call ASAP to book your space!

Surgery news

We are hosting an Emergency First Aid at Work course here at the Equine clinic on Tuesday 13th March 9am-430pm, refreshments kindly sponsored by Norbrook.  The cost is £60 for the day, please call ASAP to book your space!

Make Use of the Cold Months - Now is the time to get any of those little surgeries performed that have been put off for six months.  There are no flies around at the moment and the horses are inside in a clean environment which will help to control any infections.  For example, castrations and sarcoid removals are ideal at this time of year.

Well done to our local farrier team N R Brown farriers in Abergavenny.  Nigel’s 3 apprentices each won their section of the Stronsholm Apprentice Shoemaking league.  Alistair Evans, Thomas Anderson and Emily Hockney are all trained by Nigel Brown AWCF and are showing excellent promise in becoming qualified farriers.

‘Love is in the Air’ (AI)

Artificial insemination (AI) in mares has gone from strength to strength in recent years with excellent results being achieved. Early organisation is essential as one must choose a stallion early in the season. Now is the time to start planning! We are again offering AI packages for chilled and frozen semen that are excellent value for money. Packages include endometrial swabs, insemination, pregnancy evaluations and three nights livery.

Please call the clinic for more information about how Abbey vets can help you. We also offer frozen semen storage here at the clinic for a monthly charge.

Please Note: semen imported from outside the UK must be accompanied by an ORIGINAL, valid health certificate issued in the country of origin.  If this paperwork is incorrect or does not accompany the semen then we cannot inseminate a mare with it.  This requirement is not optional by European law.
It is also your responsibility to inform DEFRA that you are importing semen from outside the UK and that it will be delivered to us.

Dates For Your Diary:

11th – Sinai Dressage, Usk College

18th – Curre & Llangibby Point to Point, Howick

18th – Y Fenni & District RC Dressage, Usk College

Sarcoid Laser Surgery

Here at Abbey Equine we have had excellent results and feedback with our laser surgery day at the clinic.  The clinic saw vet Jeremy Kemp-Symonds provide an excellent service in removing sarcoids with his latest state of the art laser system!

Car Sticker Competition

This year again sees us continuing with our popular car sticker competition! So if you haven’t already please feel free to collect a bumper sticker to display on your car/horsebox/trailer and if one of our members of staff spot it you could be one of our lucky monthly winners!

Zone days

Remember zone days are still available at just £19. We offer zone days throughout the week for non-urgent calls, and while we get to arrange the time you get a reduced call out!

Wormer of the Month

Equest is a single dose treatment containing Moxidectin to control red worms, roundworms, encysted cyathastome larvae and bots! With its long dosing interval of 13 weeks Equest is excellent value for money at £14.39(inc VAT) and treats up to 700kg bodyweight. Discounts on orders of 10 or more!

Breeding Mares and Stallions

Although it may seem early to be considering breeding from your mares and stallions at this time of year, once the season does get into full swing it is all too short, especially if complications arise.

Quality studs usually want to be sure that any visiting mare is not going to pass on a venerally transmitted disease to their stallion and, likewise you would not want your mare to become infected by the stallion.

The stud is likely to require documented evidence of freedom from disease. A swab (or three in the case of stallions) is required to establish freedom from CEM, and a blood sample to check for EVA. If done now, the certification will take you through the entire stud season.

Stallion owners should consider vaccinating their horses against EVA, a disease that is widespread across Europe and which can leave 30% of affected stallions as lifelong carriers. The only cure for this is castration.

Emergency Care

Did you know we provide our own 24hr emergency care? So if you call us out after standard working hours, you will get a vet you know and trust. This will incur an additional flat fee (emergency surcharge) on the bill, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the peace of mind.

Did you know?

• Horses are unable to vomit and do not have a gall bladder!

• Each horses’ ear has 16 muscles!


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