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October 2017

In view of recent local publicity Abbey Equine would like to confirm that we are still members of the independent sector, our business is wholly owned by vets who work for the practice and we are committed to keeping things this way. We believe in providing a high standard of service and care and continue to make clinical decisions based on what is best for your horse and not be influenced by external business factors.

Dates for your Diary – October

1st Sinai Dressage, Usk College

1st Ross Harriers Fun Ride, HR2 0JY

5th Training for Harmony with Alison Payne @ Park Dressage

6th Leominster Horse Sales

4-8th HOYS, NEC Birmingham

8th Curre & Llangibby Hunt Fun Ride, Howick Farm

19th Training for Harmony with Alison Payne @ Park Dressage

21st Halloween Pony Popping @ Townsend Farm

22nd Winter Woolies Charity Horse Show @ Triley Fields EC

27/28/29th Autumn Cob Sales, Builth

Calendar Competition:

We are again running this successful competition and asking clients to send in some photographs of ‘Wales Through the Horses Ears’.  The thirteen best photos will be included in the Abbey Equine Clinic Calendar 2018 which will be on sale from December, with a donation from each one purchased going to SWHP.  Please send high quality images to

Rugging your horses

With those cold nights drawing in, many of us will be unpacking our winter rugs whilst avoiding hairy spiders!

We all love seeing our horses protected from the elements, but there are dangers with over-rugging.

Did you know horses are better thermo-regulators than us – seeing no expenditure of energy from 5-25 degrees!

Over-rugging can cause colic like symptoms from heat stroke and stress.  Remember to check the forecast, and if you’re cold, your horse might not be.  Consider the individual horse and less rugs for those overweight.  Weight loss will reduce the risk of laminitis in the spring.

Update your records...

Please make sure to update your details on our computer system as this will make sure that in an emergency there are no mistakes made and that we can get hold of you.  Also, did you know that you can receive your bill by email?

Clipping and Fireworks

Yes, it’s getting close to that time of year again – clipping and fireworks! We receive lot of requests for paste sedatives for horses and legally we can only supply these as a prescription medicine. To do this we must have examined your horse and listened to its heart within the last 6 months. The sedative in the paste can have serious side effects in horses with heart trouble, stallions, pregnant mares and the aged. It is therefore in the best interest of our horses that they are examined before administering any sedative. However the sedative paste has a limited effect and as an alternative we can offer more effective sedation by intravenous injection, which would need to be carried out by the vet.  Feel free to ring the clinic to organise an appointment/visit to get one of our vets to give your horse a check over and pick up your sedative then.

Autumn Colic Reminder:

As our evenings draw in and the temperatures fall, it is time to stable those horses, but remember:

• Fresh clean water

• Feed little and often

• Introduce changes to the diet gradually

• Feed adequate forage

• Do not work immediately after feeding

• Provide adequate bedding.

Wormer of the Month – Equitape/Equest Pramox

Its Anoplocephala perfoliata time! That’s tapeworm time to you and me!  At this time of year we should consider changing our worming regime to include a preparation that covers this threat.  Here at the surgery we can offer helpful advice with regular discounted offers, so please give us a call to discuss any requirements.  The Equest Pramox syringes treat horses up to 700kg. New price £21.00.

Coming soon...

Abbeycare horse health plans, budget for your horses’ preventative health care throughout the year and get exclusive discounts.  Register your interest by calling the clinic or email us on

Joke of the Month:

When do vampires like horse racing?

When its neck and neck!

What type of horses do ghosts ride?



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