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November 2017

Health Plans – “Abbey Care”

We are very pleased that “Abbey Care Horse Health Plans” will be coming soon to Abbey Equine.  We feel that in the interests of keeping your horses healthy, preventative healthcare should be affordable for everyone.  Abbey Care is not an insurance policy, it is a way to save money and spread the cost of preventative healthcare, allowing you to budget conveniently and qualifying you for other exclusive discounts.  There will be two options available, Standard plan at £8 per month and Premium at £15 per month.  We will be launching the health plans on 13th November!  

To celebrate the launch of our health plans we will be holding a free client evening on preventative health care.  The client evening will be open to everyone and will be held at Usk College on 27th November, doors open at 7pm, talk starting at 730pm, refreshments provided.

For more information or to register your interest please call 01873 840069 or email

Dates for your Diary – November

9th Ascot Bloodstock Sales

11th & 12th – Your Horse Live, Stoneleigh

12th – Sinai Dressage @ Usk College

19th – Y Fenni & District Riding Club Dressage @ Usk College

27th - Preventative Healthcare Client Evening @ Usk College

Risk Warning of Seasonal Pasture Myopathy

SPM, previously termed Atypical Myopathy, is a potentially fatal muscle disease in horses.  Horse owners are being urged to minimise the risk of Seasonal Myopathy (SPM) by identifying any Sycamore trees in or near pasture.  Recent research uncovered the cause of the disease to be a toxin contained in the seeds of Sycamore trees.  Now is the ideal time to look for the trees as the seeds are clearly visible.  If you’d like more information or to see what these trees and seeds look like please visit our Facebook page.  If you are concerned about the safety of your grazing, please call the practice for advice 01873 840069.

Wales through the Ears’ Calendar:

Thank you to everyone who has sent in photographs for a latest calendar competition, we have been overwhelmed with the fantastic photos sent in! The Calendar will go on sale the first week in December so you have until 17th November to get your lovely photos to us, please send high resolution images to  The calendars are perfect stocking fillers and all the profits from will go to the SWHP.

Wormer of the Month: ‘Noropraz’ (Ivermectin/Praziquantel) 

An ideal wormer for this time of year covering a vast array of worms during adult and immature stages.  It comes in an easy to use syringe which covers up to 700kg bodyweight. Please feel free to call the clinic to discuss your worming needs with one of our qualified nurses or SQPs 01873 840069.

Pet Plan Veterinary Awards 2018

This year again, sees this very popular awards ceremony sponsored by Pet Plan Insurance.  So, if you think our practice or an individual member of our team deserves recognition for their exceptional work, then why not pick up a form and nominate, or nominate online at

The award categories:

• Practice of the Year

• Vet of the Year

• Vet Nurse of the Year

• Practice Manager of the Year

• Support Staff of the Year

Clipping and Fireworks

If you find that you cannot desensitise your horse for clipping or fireworks it may be kinder to sedate them for the procedure.  This way, you can avoid your horse getting stressed and the procedure can be done quickly and safely.  There are three ways that sedation can be achieved, all require consultation with a veterinary surgeon as your horses’ heart will need a check over.

1. Give oral ‘acepromazine’ (Sedalin) – this acts as a tranquiliser not a sedative, so will just help calm the horse.  The paste is only available from your vet who will advise on the dosage required.

2. Give oral ‘Domidine’ (Domosedan Gel) – This acts as a sedative so has a more profound effect than Sedalin.  This is also only available from your vet, who will also advise you on the dosage required.

3. Have the vet come out and sedate the horse with intravenous sedation – this will have a reliable sedative effect for around 45mins to an hour.

To discuss your options or book an appointment please call the clinic on 01873 840069.

Joke Corner: How Many horses does it take to change a light bulb?’

Warmblood: Light bulb? What light bulb?

Thoroughbred: Oh No! Not a light bulb! How terrifying!

New Forest: Light bulb? That thing I just ate was a light bulb?!

Hanovarian: How dare that light bulb go off! How dare you ask me to change it! (Flounces off)

Welsh Cob: Don’t change it, if it’s dark no one will see me raid the feed bins....

Shetland: I can’t reach the stupid light...


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