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March 2018

Bank holidays: We will be closed on Friday the 30th March and Monday 2nd April for the Easter break. However, our 24hr emergency line will be in operation. Do not hesitate to call for veterinary assistance in an emergency. Tel: 01873 852391

Surgery News:

Sad Farewell - This month we are sadly saying goodbye to Sarah Carr. Sarah has been an important part of our team since 2009. I know she will be missed by her colleagues and our clients.

Huge welcome - We are very pleased to welcome Carys Reynolds to the team here at Abbey. Carys is a very experienced ambulatory vet with special interests in internal medicine and equine welfare. Many of you may remember her as she grew up and competed her horses from her childhood home in Abergavenny – welcome home.

Dates for your Diary

3rd – Brecon Point to Point

4th – Sinai Dressage, Usk College

8th – BD Health & Welfare Talk, Clytha Arms

13th – 16th – Cheltenham Festival of Races

11th – Curre + Llangibby Point to Point, Howick

18th – Y Fenni RC Dressage, Usk College

31st – Monmouthshire P2P, Monmouth Show Ground

Aintree Foal Milk/Colostrum

We are currently held on the area list of emergency supplies for foal milk. We always have in stock tubs of mare’s replacement milk at a cost of £10 per tub which can be supplied to named cases only. Also in stock we have foal colostrums which in times of need we are sure you will appreciate.

Did you know?

The racehorse ‘Secretariat’s heart weighed an enormous 22lbs!

The liver in the horse is a large organ making up approximately one percent of the body mass with an average weight of around five kilogram in a typical thoroughbred.

Make Use of the Cold Months

Now is the time to get any of those little surgeries performed that have been put off for six months.  There are no flies around at the moment and the horses are inside in a clean environment which will help to control any infections.  For example, castrations and sarcoid removals are ideal at this time of year.

Wormer of the Month

Tapeworm time!

Now is the time to keep those terrible tapeworms at bay. Here at Abbey vets we have the very effective single dose tapewormer, called Equitape available. It’s an easy-to-use single dose syringe oral application which contains enough paste to treat one 600 kg horse (Currently priced at £11) Buy 10 and get one FREE!

Thrush? No, not a bird, a foot problem!

The microbes associated with thrush thrive and divide in oxygen poor anaerobic environments that are often contaminated with moist organic material.  Once the organisms are established in the deep moist recesses of the frog sulci then the stage is set for a progressive invasion and subsequent infection of the frog and soft tissue.  Effective thrush prevention involves a combination of maintaining a clean and dry environment, cleaning the feet and on a routine basis, adequate exercise and proper preventative nutrition.  Treatment involves cleaning the bottom of the foot and frog area daily, removing any debris and washing the area thoroughly.  Surgical debridement of affected frog tissue may be necessary in many cases and advice regarding this can be obtained by calling the surgery.

Recognising Disease: The sooner the better:

Know what is normal for your horse (Equine Vital Signs):

Physical Parameters Normal Range

Rectal Temperature 37.5-38.5 (degrees centigrade)

Pulse/Heartbeats 28-42 BPM

Respiratory Rate 10-14 resps/min

Each horse might have a slightly different ‘normal’ for them so its a good idea to get to know your own horse.

Hestevard Range of Supplements:

Need a supplement? Why not take a look at our Hestevard range at the clinic....  From vitamins and minerals, feet, gastric health, liver, vitamin e and electrolytes, we have them all.  All supplements in the range come with a palatability guarantee and are trusted in quality by Abbey.  All at competitive prices, please give us a call to discuss your horses’ requirements.


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