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Abbey Equine Centre only employs veterinary surgeons with a genuine interest in horses. We also do not share our on call rota so if you call us at any time of the day or night you can contact a vet that you know and trust. We take our responsibilities for equine welfare seriously and aim to provide a consistently high level of service to all our clients.

Listed below are some of the services the practice regularly offer, if you need more information click on our factsheets, enquiries page, give us a ring on 01873 840069 or pop in and see us.

Ambulatory Visits

Our dedicated equine team of vets can offer a full range of services from the back of their fully equipped cars. We can perform routine and emergency treatment in the field and have many years of experience in treating all horses from pet Shetlands to high level competition horses.

These visits are currently split into journey bands A-G, starting from £30.00. Please feel free to contact us to find out which band you come under. Alternatively please click here for our extremely competitively priced Zone Day Visits areas/charges. For a more unusual enquiry i.e. for long distance Pre-Purchase Examination visits please contact the surgery.

Clinic Appointment

Routine appointments start the day at 8.30am through to 5.30pm.


Here at Abbey Vets we undertake a wide range of surgical procedures from castration through to arthroscopy, using our experienced surgeons.


Our resident anaesthetist, David Holman, has a special interest in this area. With over 20 years experience and our up to date specialist equipment we provide a very high level of care for your horse.


Our vets are always willing to ring you back to discuss any concerns you may have or speak to Karen our nurse for any routine advice. We’re here to help, please don’t hesitate to call us!

Laboratory Services

Here at Abbey Vets we have a dedicated laboratory to provide rapid, reliable analysis and interpretation of clinical samples to aid diagnosis. These in-house laboratory tests include:
  • Faecal egg counts
  • Bacterial cultures
  • Biochemistry and haematology
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood smears
A daily courier service is available to an external laboratory for a quick turnaround of results. We have a close relationship with Beaufort Cottage Laboratory, Liphook Equine Hospital and the Animal Health Trust for more specialist tests and advanced interpretation of test results.

Referrals Service

Abbey Equine Centre is pleased to be able to offer an orthopaedic referral service for surrounding equine practices. State of the art equipment, including digital radiography and our new arthroscope means we can take lameness investigation further and provide optimum treatment. Emma Jones is a certified orthopaedic surgeon who has many years of experience in the field and of equine lameness. This referral service is open 24 hours a day and we are always happy to accept emergency or routine referrals at our new equine practice. Other referrals which are undertaken at the surgery include sarcoid removal/treatment, dentistry, rig surgery, endoscopy and gastroscopy.

Stud Medicine

At Abbey Vets we are able to provide a complete range of equine reproductive services, from semen collection to post foaling checks. Our equine vets have many years of experience in managing equine reproductive health and are as happy to support and advise one horse owners as they are being part of the team in large scale stud facilities.

We can offer

  • Pre-breeding health checks
  • Ultrasound examinations of uterus and ovaries
  • Semen storage
  • Artificial insemination (fresh, chilled or frozen)
  • Problem breeders
  • Foaling and perinatal care.

Advanced Orthopaedic Care

Emma Jones our orthopaedic consultant has Advanced Practitioner status in equine orthopaedics. This allows Abbey Equine to provide first opinion and referral standard lameness examinations. We have digital radiography equipment, high definition ultrasonography and are able to offer stem cell and IRAP technology.

Lameness is one of the most common health problems among ridden horses. The degree of clinical signs can vary from severe pain leading to the horse being unable to bear weight at all, to subtle reductions in performance or even behavioural change.

At Abbey Equine we recognise the significant impact lameness has both to our clients and the welfare of the horses under our care. That is why we have invested in suitable facilities, equipment and highly experienced staff to offer the highest standards of care in equine orthopaedics.

More routine lameness cases can be dealt with by our experienced ambulatory vets or more advanced lameness diagnosis is carried out at our clinic. Our orthopaedic expert, Emma Jones has spent over 10 years in referral practice dealing exclusively with equine lameness and is supported by our equine technicians and nurses who are experts in firm but caring equine handling.

Complete orthopaedic evaluation can be time consuming, daunting prospect for clients, but Abbey Equine believes that it is a crucial part of the process to involve the client. While of course you can admit the horse to our hospital you are also very welcome to stay and watch (health and safety permitting). We have noticed that client compliance with discharge instructions is much stronger if clients understand the importance of the instructions they have been given. We also believe that if a personal relationship is built up between the client and the vet that can only help with future communication and follow up and improves outcome of treatment.

Abbey Equine Dentistry

Here at Abbey, we believe that every horse should receive regular, high quality dentistry as part of their routine health care. The horse’s mouth is a vital point of communication between horse and rider that is often overlooked; many horses live with oral pain without showing outward signs.

Equine dentistry has developed greatly in the last ten years. Modern equine dentistry takes things a step back by preventing dental disease, not just treating it. It focuses on a thorough clinical examination of the teeth and oral cavity, every 6-12 months, in order to identify small abnormalities at an earlier stage.

All our vets carry a full mouth speculum (gag) and hand rasps. They are happy to provide a thorough oral examination at the time of booster vaccination in order to assess the need for treatment. The advantages of the vet carrying out your equine dentistry include the availability of sedation and pain relief to allow a more thorough oral examination and more accurate treatment, whilst keeping your horse relaxed and comfortable. All of our vets can perform routine and we can refer you for advanced dental procedures, either at your premises or here in the clinic. We are also happy to accept dentistry referral cases from other vets or Equine Dental Technicians.
Please contact one of our vets at the clinic if you wish to discuss your horse’s dental care. Click here to go to fact sheets page.

Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE)

Buying a horse is an expensive and stressful time. The equine vets from Abbey Vets are all experienced in the completion of PPE according to BEVA and VDS guidelines. We will travel extensively across South Wales and Southern England for these examinations.

Even if you just need some advice on the exact meaning of 2 stage and 5 stage examinations please feel free to give us a ring for advice. Click here to go to fact sheets page.


Preventative health is an important part of responsible horse ownership and we are able to advise all our clients on routine vaccination for local horses and those travelling abroad. Click here to go to fact sheets page.

Worming Plans

Anthelminthic treatment (worming) is a rapidly changing area of equine medicine due to the recent development of drug resistance. If you are still worming the way you did 5 years ago, its time you updated your knowledge base. Please call Karen for further advice and information about our new Wormbusters Club. Click here to go to fact sheets page.

Evening Clinics and Lectures

We would like our clients to feel part of our practice. To help improve communication with our clients we produce monthly newsletters, fact sheets and regular client evenings and clinic tours.
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Let’s Talk

If you have any veterinary or administrative enquiries you can phone on 01873 840069 during business hours (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.00pm) or alternatively complete the form below and submit your enquiry.
One of our veterinary, nursing or administrative staff will be pleased to respond to you by phone or email as soon as possible during office hours.

24HR EMERGENCY NUMBER: 01873 840069

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