Stud Medicine & AI Clinic

At our purpose built clinic we will be offering a range of reproductive services to our equine clients including the following: 

  • Mare pre-breeding examination/evaluation
  • Pre-breeding disease screening
  • Artificial insemination using fresh, chilled or frozen semen (package deals available)
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring
  • Twin detection
  • Post foaling checks
  • Advice on pregnant mare and foal management including nutrition and preventive health care

The stud vets at Abbey Equine Clinic are equine only clinicians with a genuine interest in stud medicine. Their wealth of experience is backed up by excellent facilities including;  

  • Safe stabling and extensive turn out for resident mares
  • Purpose built stocks suitable for use on mares with a foal at foot
  • Ultrasound machine dedicated to reproductive work
  • In house laboratory for rapid results
  • Frozen semen storage
  • Qualified technicians and staff experienced in mare and foal handling 


Please contact the clinic on 01873 840069 for prices for individual procedures or consider opting for one of the following insemination packages. The packages have been designed to include all the routine procedures and drugs required for a successful insemination and therefore allow clients to budget for these veterinary costs.

All packages include the following: 

  • Endometrial swab and culture to check for endometritis (infection) prior to insemination
  • All routine gynaecological examinations prior to insemination
  • All drugs necessary to ensure insemination is performed at the optimum time
  • Insemination
  • Post insemination examination and lavage to remove abnormal uterine fluid, if required
  • Caslick procedure if required
  • Ultrasound pregnancy examinations at approximately 15, 28 and 42days including manual twin reduction if required
  • 3 nights livery if required

The package price does not include travel costs to the premises where the mare is examined, semen or semen transport costs, drugs used to treat endometritis (uterine infection), foal identification or blood tests and the treatment of any disease or illness not associated with breeding. The package is not transferable to the following season and payment is required before any gynaecological work begins. Mares cannot be switched onto or off a package once gynaecological work has begun, other procedures performed in addition to those included in the package will be charged for separately. 

Government guidance on the importation of semen and the effect of Brexit is scare. We strongly advise that all prospective breeding clients to prepare early this season as we are not sure of the impact of a more complex importation system. The responsibility for correct paperwork and procedures for stallion semen remains with the importing client not this practice. 

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If you have any veterinary or administrative enquiries you can phone on 01873 840069 during business hours (Mon-Fri 9.00am – 5.30pm) or alternatively complete the form below and submit your enquiry. One of our veterinary, nursing or administrative staff will be pleased to respond to you by phone or email as soon as possible during office hours.

24hr Emergency No: 01873 840 069

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