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May 2019

Exciting news: Abbey Equine division is de-merging to become a standalone equine clinic owned by Emma and Ben. The staff and standards of care are all staying the same, just a change in bank account details. So please if you pay electronically the new account details are: Sort Code 51-61-02. Account number: 73595365. Don’t forget the Bank Holiday! We are closed on Monday 27th May, although the office is closed please remember we still have a 24 hour emergency service, so if you need a vet in an emergency call 01873 852391.

Dates for your diary:

8-12th –Royal Windsor Horse Show

11th – Gelligaer Point-To-Point @ Lower Machen

14-15th – Howick BE

19th – Llangors Fun Ride

26th – Eardisley YFC Fun Ride

27th – Triley Open Horse/Dog Show

8th, 22nd, 29th – Evening clinics at The Park Dressage, Goytre

Good luck to all our clients intending to compete this summer with those gorgeous ‘Gee-gees’, let us know any results or successes as we love to hear from you! Don’t forget also to keep an eye on our Facebook page and also our new blog on the website for practice updates and information.

Did you know?

Here are Abbey Equine Clinic in Llanover we have the ideal facilities for brood mares and insemination.  We have stocks for restraining mares, frozen semen storage, mare and foal box and post and railed paddocks.

All of our vets are trained in scanning and insemination meaning we can give you a flexible service.  We can offer package prices for fresh and frozen semen or tailor it to your needs.  

Please Note: If you are ordering semen from outside the UK you cannot have it delivered directly to our clinic without notifying us at least 48hrs prior to delivery and you must notify APHA  by filling in a IV66 form and emailing it to them within 48 hours prior to delivery. This is a disease control law and failure to do so will result in your semen NOT being accepted for delivery.  For help and advice please contact the clinic on 01873 840069.

Tetanus, are you covered?

Tetanus infection is often fatal and is characterised by muscle stiffness, hyper-responsiveness to noise and touch and third eyelid prolapsed. The vaccine is extremely effective (which is why we see so few cases), however over the last couple of months Abbey Equine Clinic has already seen two cases! Please give thought to including this very inexpensive vaccine to your vaccination protocol. Given that the mortality rate is as high as 90%, it could mean money well spent!

Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

Throughout the month of May practices and colleges in the UK are encouraged to get involved within the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) in highlighting the role of the Veterinary Nurse. Our hardworking nurses have undertaken both theoretical and practical training in many parts of the Veterinary profession including: radiography, theatre, wound control and preventative health measures.  If there is anyone out there needing more information on this very rewarding career then please call us at the clinic! Further information can be found on the BVNA website.

Sweet itch time (Not so sweet!)

The culicoides midge is responsible for this condition and it occurs when the horse has an allergic reaction to the saliva of these biting midges. Typical signs include bald patches, usually on the mane and tail, which are caused by the horse scratching. Prevention includes, avoid turning out during warm days especially at dusk and dawn. Fly rugs and masks should be worn. Avoid grazing near water, especially stagnant ponds as these attract the midges, putting your horse at more risk. For more help and advice please give us a call at the surgery where we would be pleased to help with this frustrating condition.

First aid supplies – are you prepared?

Does your tack room first aid box need revamping?  Is everything clean and in date?  Do you require up to date supplies or the best quality product available?  Being caught out when your trusty steed over reaches or cuts himself isn’t good practice, so having a well stocked first aid box at the ready whether at home or out and about at shows always pays off!  If you need help in putting one together or need one of the ready-made ones we have in stock give the surgery a call.


Let’s Talk

If you have any veterinary or administrative enquiries you can phone on 01873 840069 during business hours (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.00pm) or alternatively complete the form below and submit your enquiry.
One of our veterinary, nursing or administrative staff will be pleased to respond to you by phone or email as soon as possible during office hours.

24HR EMERGENCY NUMBER: 01873 840069

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