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July 2018

Surgery News:

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new veterinary surgeon Samantha Crumpton!  Sam graduated from Nottingham in 2017 and has done a year’s internship at the Royal Veterinary College before joining us, we’re sure you’ll support her as she settles in and finds her way around Wales!

We will be attending the local county shows throughout the coming months, starting with Monmouth on 7th July.  Please feel free to come and say Hi, get refreshments, take part in our brilliant competitions or just have a chat!

Dates for Your Diary – July

7th Monmouthshire Show

13th -15th - Bridgend Show

23rd – 26th – Royal Welsh Show, Builth Wells

24th –29th - Royal International Horse Show, Hickstead

29th – Gelligaer Farmers Hunt Show

Shows & Competitions

Good luck to everyone intending to compete this summer with those gorgeous gee-gees.  Please remember to include a first aid kit on board ‘just in case’.  If you need any help or advice putting one together, give us a call and we would be pleased to help.  We sell various poultices, dressings and bandages at competitive prices.


An increasing amount of clients are requesting a repeat prescription of drugs for their horses which have not been examined within the last 6 months or have never been seen!  It is a LEGAL requirement that our vets have examined your horses within the stipulated time to prescribe a prescription only medication (POM-V), to save the costs of a dedicated visit why not bring your horse to us for a check over and collect the medication at the same time or use one of our superb value zone days?

Hot, hot, hot!

We supply a range of electrolytes which are invaluable for your horse during times of competition.  Sweating horses lose a significant quantity of essential salts and these must be replaced to maintain health and performance.  Travelling horses also can lose a large amount of fluids which must be replaced.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Bumper Sticker Competition

Congratulations to our July Bumper Sticker Competition Winner Elizabeth Savill.  For just displaying our car sticker in her vehicle, Elizabeth gets a smashing prize. Remember to display our sticker in your vehicle and if one of our vets spots it, you could be taking home a great prize!

Protexin Paste For Horses and Foals

Highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic peppermint flavoured paste used to rapidly re-establish the normal micro flora of the gut and improves consistency of stools.

Faecal Egg Counts

Why not opt for a faecal egg count this month and see how effective your worming programme has been.  This is a simple, in-house test to see whether your horse has any worm eggs in its faeces.  If you need further guidance on the confusing subject of worming, please call our qualified E-SQP’s Karen or Bryony at the clinic 01873 840069.

Ragwort Warning

At this time of year fields should be kept clear of weeds particularly ragwort.  Ragwort grows from June onwards and is one of the most common causes of poisoning in horses.  Plants should be pulled up by the roots and since toxins can be absorbed through your skin, gloves should be worn.

Are you protecting your hoses respiratory system?

To help reduce breathing problems in your horse/pony/donkey please remember the following:

• Take the horse outside before mucking out

• grooming outside the stable

• Soaked/steamed hay or haylage

• Reduced dust/spore bedding

• No deep litter

• Vaccinations up to date

• Adequate daily turnout

• Regular worming as required – some parasites migrate through the lungs.

• Never ignore a coughing horse

FACT: A horse at rest may drink up to seven litres per 100kg of bodyweight per day.  A 400kg horse will drink over 3 buckets full... consider this with the recent hot weather!


Let’s Talk

If you have any veterinary or administrative enquiries you can phone on 01873 840069 during business hours (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.00pm) or alternatively complete the form below and submit your enquiry.
One of our veterinary, nursing or administrative staff will be pleased to respond to you by phone or email as soon as possible during office hours.

24HR EMERGENCY NUMBER: 01873 852391

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