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April 2019

Don’t forget we are closed on 19th and 22nd April for the Easter Break. However, our 24hr emergency line will be in operation. Do not hesitate to call for veterinary assistance in an emergency. Tel: 01873 852391

Surgery News

Welcome Back Emily Dibble RVN.

April 1st sees us welcoming back RVN Emily Dibble.  Emily trained with our small animal department and then left the area to work at Liphook Equine Hospital, where she undertook her Equine Nurse training.  She missed the area, the clients and work colleagues so much that she’s coming back.  Welcome home Emily, we’re glad to have you.


It is law that all owners of horses, ponies and donkeys MUST be in possession of a passport for their animal.  Owners need to have this passport with them each time the vet is called out, when you attend the surgery and during travel.

Dates for your Diary – April

6th – Grand National, Aintree

6th/22nd/26th – Chepstow Horse Races

6th – Caradoc Park fun Ride, Sellack, Ross-on-Wye

28th – Sinai Dressage Championship Show, Usk College

27th – Curre + Llangibby Hunt Fun Ride

Sweet Itch Awareness Month – Not so sweet!

April is sweet itch awareness month.  The campaign will raise awareness of the preventative measures that will help alleviate sweet itch and the importance of the condition before the start of the midge season.  Sweet itch is an allergic reaction to bites from mosquitoes and midges.  It can affect almost any horse or pony regardless of breed or type.  The midges that cause sweet itch are normally active between March and November.  Preventative steps include fly rugs, fly repellents, stable fans, ultra finite midge screens on doors and windows and avoiding standing water.

Reminder – Breeding Mares & Storing Semen

If you haven’t already done so, it is time to begin getting your broodmares in foal.  Maiden mares, mares that failed to conceive last year and mares that aborted would benefit from a thorough check over to make sure they are in tip top condition!  Here at Abbey we are able to offer very competitive AI packages and have the cryo facilities to store frozen semen until needed. For more information please call the clinic on 01873 840069.

Easter egg for safe return!

Our 6’6 logo embroidered Thermatex rug has been mistakenly taken home on discharge. Please could you check your tack room. Prize for safe return!

Aintree Foal Milk & Colostrum

As always (and we have for years) been held on the emergency list of foal milk + colostrum suppliers in this area, which in times of need we are sure you’ll appreciate.  We are no longer able to source the small emergency tubs of foal milk (usually last 24-48 hours) however we stock the 5kg sack which will increase the length of feeding and costs £33.15 inc which work out very economical indeed.

ACTH Free blood test offer.

Boehringer have kindly extended their offer of a free initial blood test to check ACTH levels of your horse or pony.  Please note this offer is only for the external laboratory test and does not include the vets sampling fee or visit.  Please visit to download your voucher.

Wormer of the Month – Tapeworm Time

It’s spring so we’re battling those terrible tapeworms.  We are unable to have praziquantel in a single dose syringe now, but we have two different types of combination wormer in stock.   Discounts on orders of 10 or more, please ring the surgery for details.

Alternatively if you covered for Tapeworm in Autumn, we would recommend either an Ivermectin wormer or a faecal egg count.  Please call an SQP at the surgery to discuss your individual horses’ needs 01873 840069.

Cyathostominosis – the silent killer

We’ve seen a few cases of cyathostominosis – also known as encysted red worm disease.  This is presented when the larval stage of the small redworms emerge en mass from the gut lining where they burrowed and the damage can be catastrophic, causing sudden weight loss, often with severe diarrhoea.  Ensuring a good worming protocol is essential for preventing this disease.  Please contact one of our registered nurses or SQP’s for more helpful advice.


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If you have any veterinary or administrative enquiries you can phone on 01873 840069 during business hours (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.00pm) or alternatively complete the form below and submit your enquiry.
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