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September 2018

Surgery News

Please come and visit us at Usk Show on 8th September, where again this year we will be stationed in our show gazebo handing out refreshments, information and big smiles.  We also have a fantastic rug to win in our popular ‘Guess the Weight’ competition, courtesy of Norbrook.

Welcome Anna Wilkinson MRCVS:  

Anna joined us on 1st August, she qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2018, after completing a previous degree in Bioveterinary Science in Gloucestershire.  Anna enjoys all aspects of equine work, however has a particular interest in anaesthesia and all things medical.

Dates for your Diary – September

30th – 2nd Burghley Horse Trials

8th Usk Show

14 & 15th Monmouth Horse Trials

13th – 16th Blenheim Horse Trials

23rd Badminton Fun Ride

Update on Microchipping:

A new law has been introduced meaning all horses must be microchipped in an attempt to deter abuse and improve welfare.  From October 2020 it will be mandatory for all owners to microchip their horses, ponies and donkeys.  There will be a new central equine database which will mean local authorities will be able to track down the owners of abandoned horses and punish them accordingly.  The move means stolen or lost equines will be more easily reunited with their owners.  At the moment only horses born after 1st July 2009 must be microchipped.

The two years between now and the enforcement of the rule will give owners the chance to combine chipping with a routine visit.  Our microchipping procedure costs £21.30 inc vat or £16.90 inc vat if done with another procedure.

Wormer of the Month

Its Anoplocephala Perfoliata time (That’s tapeworm time to you and me).  At this time of year we should consider changing our worming regime to include a preparation that covers this threat.  Here at the surgery we can offer helpful advice with regular discounted offers, so please give us a call to discuss any requirements.  The only single dose tapewormer has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but we have enough in stock for this year.

ACTH Blood Test Offer – Still Available:

Boehringer Ingleheim and Liphook Laboratory are still offering FREE ACTH (Cushings) blood tests for horses who have been tested borderline or never been tested.  For more information please go to

Colic Warning!

Now with autumn fast approaching we will start to bring our horses in from the field and introduce more changes into their diet.  This will undoubtedly cause an increase in colic cases.  Remember, any changes in feed MUST be gradual and it is important to make sure the horse is passing normal droppings. Suddenly bringing them in overnight and giving the horse as much hay as he can get is a recipe for disaster.  Even if your horse has not suffered before, a sudden change in diet can cause an impaction (blockage) in the gut which will lead to colic!  Save yourself the worry, be kind to your horse and change their diet slowly.

Bumper Sticker Competition

Congratulations to our Bumper Sticker competition winner Melissa Burles.  For just displaying our car sticker in her vehicle Melissa gets a smashing prize. Remember to display our sticker in your vehicle and if one of our vets spots it, you could be taking home a great prize!

Pesky Flies!

We are seeing a large number of sore eyes at the moment due to the huge number of flies and the dusty weather. If you notice any pain or discharge from your horse's eyes please give us a call. One of our vets will be happy to come and check the eye thoroughly to ensure there is no other damage. This is very important as the structures in the eye are very sensitive and can deteriorate rapidly after injury. Due to this risk we are unable to dispense prescription eye treatments without seeing your horse for this condition, as it is a legal requirement that your animal is under our care and we are protecting their welfare.

Tackling Obesity in Horses:

A recent study has revealed 31% of horses in the UK are overweight and previous studies have shown owners frequently underestimate their horses’ body condition, so in reality the number of overweight equines is likely to be much higher.  Here at Abbey Vets we have invested in a new digital weighbridge to gain an accurate weight of the equines we treat.  If you would like a nurse ‘Weight’ consultation then please call the clinic to arrange an appointment with our experienced equine nursing team, we’ll be pleased to help offer any information or advice.


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