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Here at Abbey, we believe that every horse should receive regular, high quality dentistry as part of their routine health care. The horse’s mouth is a vital point of communication between horse and rider that is often overlooked; many horses live with oral pain without showing outward signs.

Equine dentistry has developed greatly in the last ten years. Modern equine dentistry takes things a step back by preventing dental disease, not just treating it. It focuses on a thorough clinical examination of the teeth and oral cavity, every 6-12 months, in order to identify small abnormalities at an earlier stage.

All our vets carry a full mouth speculum (gag). They are happy to provide a thorough oral examination at the time of booster vaccination in order to assess the need for treatment. The advantages of the vet carrying out your equine dentistry include the availability of sedation and pain relief to allow a more thorough oral examination and more accurate treatment, whilst keeping your horse relaxed and comfortable. All of our vets can perform routine and we can refer you for advanced dental procedures, either at your premises or here in the clinic. We are also happy to accept dentistry referral cases from other vets or Equine Dental Technicians.

Please contact one of our vets at the clinic if you wish to discuss your horse’s dental care.

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