Advanced Orthopaedic Care

While many lameness issues can be resolved by our experienced ambulatory vets, a high proportion of the horses which come into the clinic come for more in depth orthopaedic assessment.

At the clinic facility we can provide both first opinion and referral services for lameness investigation (including multi-limb issues), poor performance issues and suspected back pain cases. The clinic is equipped with an excellent arena surface, trot up, hard lunge area, and high quality imaging equipment, including high resolution ultrasonography and multiple new digital radiography machines.

Our Equine Director, Emma Jones has a special interest and advanced qualifications in equine orthopaedics, coupled with over 20 years experience in equine lameness investigation. She is supported by other members of the veterinary team currently studying for their advanced qualifications and a team of equine veterinary nurses who can handle even the most fractious patients safely and compassionately.

Our orthopaedic team also recognises the importance of other paraprofessionals in equine recovery and are happy to liaise with other qualified professionals such as remedial farriers and physiotherapists.

We know what daunting prospect a complete orthopaedic investigation can be both for the horse and the client, so it is important to us that the client is involved in the process, understands what is going on and is included in the decision making process. A complete history is taken by your clinician on arrival giving you the chance to discuss your horse’s issues, any concerns you may have and the potential costs of the investigation and treatment. Often client’s will stay and watch the gait evaluation and discuss the findings with the clinician, be shown radiographs or watch ultrasound scans. Please be aware that many of the horse’s we see have multiple sites of pain and a thorough evaluation can be a lengthy procedure, and can sometimes require an overnight stay for your horse.

Once an accurate diagnosis has been reached then Abbey Equine Centre is able to offer the complete range of orthopaedic treatment options, including joint medication, biological therapies such as platelet enriched plasma, IRAP or stem cells, or if necessary surgical options. Our team believes that good communication and understanding between the client and the vet is crucial in effective post treatment rehabilitation, so client’s will definitely be involved in any decision making processes, with regard to treatment selection.

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